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What I eat

Now that I am 28.5 weeks and into my third trimester, I seem to get full so fast. But I still manage to eat delicious things. Here is a sample of what I eat in a day, although it changes all the time.

I like to drink green smoothies for breakfast after a warm cup of water with a little bit of lemon juice.
I switch up ingredients all the time, but this one here is my ultimate favorite. It includes 1 banana, 1/2 cup of wild blueberries, three handful of spinach (probably 2 cups), and a really big handful of cilantro. Cilantro is the key ingredient that makes this smoothie so yummy! Seattle is definitely getting colder though… so I think I might be moving on to warm oatmeal or eggs on toast for breakfast soon!

Obvious my lunch always varies but one of my favorites is baked kabocha (aka buttercup squash) with a side of big salad (such as avocado massaged kale or cabbage slaw with balsamic vinaigrette). Another go-to is avocado toasts or eggs on toast if I didn’t have that for breakfast. I try to incorporate some kind of green veggies at every meal!

Here is a picture of a cute little kabocha/buttercup squash that we harvested from our little garden about a month ago.

When you bake that, it turns into this:
Below is a picture of acorn squash that came out as a surprise in our garden. We are guessing that the previous owner of the house also liked squash.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of all kinds of winter squash! 🙂 (I am also a fan of purple and white sweet potatoes!)

For snacks, I love to eat fruits (at the moment: apples, persimmons, gold kiwis), dried fruits (mangoes, figs), nuts (almonds, pistachios, cashews), protein bars, and non-dairy yogurt or greek yogurt topped with chia seeds, cinnamon, and banana. There’s definitely a longer list of snacks I like to enjoy but those seem to be the ones that come up at the moment.
This was a new find at Whole Foods awhile back. It is a non-dairy yogurt made from cashews! I was so surprised by the texture and taste. It was tangy almost like greek yogurt and the texture was a bit more thin. When you first open it, you will notice that everything is “separated”. But don’t be alarmed because that is totally normal! I freaked out at first thinking it might be spoiled but the package says you need to stir. Once everything was mixed well, I noticed that it got thicker and into the normal yogurt consistency. I would say that the texture is closer to European yogurt and not as thick as greek yogurt. My toppings on this particular day were a banana, cacao nibs, shredded coconut, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, and cinnamon.

Here is the nutritional stats if you are interested:
Not a lot of protein compared to greek yogurt but it is definitely lower in sugar.

Here are the ingredients! It does include things like corn starch and locust bean gum but probably those are needed for the texture.

This non-dairy yogurt gets two thumbs-up from me!

Moving on to what I eat for dinner. I would say that my dinners are similar to my lunches. It includes a big salad or steamed veggies and some kind of protein (salmon, sardine, tofu, eggs if I didn’t consume it earlier in the day). Lately, I’ve been loving steamed veggies mixed with sardines I bought from Costco. These canned sardines are already seasoned with salt and olive oil. It is not too salty but has the right amount of flavor. Since I’m pregnant, I make sure to heat it up instead of eating it straight from the can. For the steamed veggies, I typically include broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrots, kale, spinach, and whatever veggies I have on hand.

As you can see, I like to “cook” and eat really simple. I don’t cook much but like to bake or steam things. There are few dishes that I cook such as seaweed soup or really simple Korean meals but because they take so much time (and a lot of dishes to clean afterwards), I favor simple meals.

This post turned out longer than what I anticipated. Thank you for reading, especially if you made it this far! 🙂

For bonus, here are pictures of my celery that I’m growing inside the house. Once it gets a bit taller, I will plant it outside. Hopefully it survives all this rain and cold weather!
The first picture was only three days after I put the bottom of celery in a bowl shallow water. The second picture is about a week and half later! It’s amazing how fast they grow!

Thank you for reading!


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