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Updates! (+Giveaway with L’ovedbaby)

A lot has happened in the last month with baby Chookbok. We got our maternity photo shoot done (at23-24 weeks), visited friends and family in California, had a wonderful baby shower(!!!), started shopping for clothes/gears/furniture, etc!

I am now 27 weeks which means only one more week until third trimester! I am still amazed every time he moves inside or kicks me. His movements are more of rubbing than kicking now, and there were few times when I felt his foot (or hand) rub against the palm of my hand. Sometimes, my husband and I love to take a quiet moment just to observe his movements and his responds to our touch. These moments are so special and something I hope I never forget (especially through the tough times with the baby in the future).

There’s a lot of anxiety building up on my side but I think that’s normal. I just feel like there’s still so much to do and to purchase in preparation for the baby’s arrival. And I just feel so lost because there’s no “right” answer, and also I’ve never done this before. For example, do we go with cloth diapers or disposable ones? How do I determine what’s more comfortable and realistic for the baby when he hasn’t had the chance to try them? So to minimize going crazy and burning through our finance, we decided to go ahead and get only a few cloth diapers and also disposable ones in the beginning to try them out both. Some of you might be thinking I’m worrying about nothing and something so minimal. And probably that’s true especially when there will be so much more to worry about with the baby.

Whenever we visit stores, the first thing I notice now is the baby section. They are unbelievably adorable and I want to buy them all. Thank goodness my husband is there to stop me from buying unnecessary things… I know baby is going to grow out of clothes so fast and I definitely don’t need 50 of 0-3 months size clothes, haha. Getting the right amount of useful newborn clothes is my goal. I think we have almost all we need for newborn/3month sized clothes. One of my favorite (which we received from a friend at the baby shower) is by L’ovedbaby. They use organic material for the safety and comfort. I’ll be purchasing more, especially the footed overall (which covers the feet and also includes sleeves that turn into gloves).

If you want a chance to win $30 credit to L’ovedbaby, visit my Instagram page @junghwad. The giveaway will run for the next 48 hours!

My husband and I are now going to go visit some consignment stores here in Seattle to see if we can find a sling wrap or baby carrier. I’ve never visited baby consignment stores so I’ll let you know about the quality and deals they have in my next post!



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