The most precious gift

We are so delighted to let the world know that we are pregnant with our very first child!


Because we got married at a young age (21 and 19), having kids at the time wasn’t the priority on our list. We were busy with living our lives going to school, getting our first jobs, moving to different states, exploring the world and visiting new places. But now that we are a bit more settled and going into our late 20s, we realize more and more that what we want is to create a family of our own. That being said, we were so happy and blessed when we found out that we were pregnant on April 27th of 2016. On June 15th, we found out the sex of our baby through DNA test (and drumroll please, we are having a boy!).

Pregnancy is probably one of the hardest yet rewarding experience that I’m going through right now. First trimester was not fun at all for me. Starting at week 5 and up until week 15, I felt so uncomfortable with nausea, headaches, hives, etc. I was so miserable. The things that got me through were my husband and baby chookbok (it means blessing in Korean). The first time we got to see him through ultrasound was on May 19th. I never thought I would be so emotional, but seeing him (he was a size of a brown rice!) and his fast heartbeat just made me tear up! Then about a month later (at 12 weeks), we got to see him again, and oh boy, did he grow fast! He took up almost all the space in there that time. We were able to see the structure of his face from the side and he definitely looks like his daddy! It was also really surprising to see how much he was moving. He surprised us by doing some acrobatic moves! In week 16, I felt his movement in my belly for the first time. It was a very different and new feeling. It felt almost like bubbles but on the side and near my ribcage. I already love him so very much.

Currently, I am almost 18 weeks and belly is starting to show. It looks kind of like I just gained some weight all in the stomach or/and have a food baby… to be honest, it does scare me that in just few weeks, my belly will start to grow bigger and bigger. But, it also makes me unbelievably happy to know that it means our baby is getting stronger and bigger.

I know this blog was meant for nutrition and fitness, but as it turns out I will be starting it off with my motherhood journey and nutrition/fitness that relates to that. My priority has changed and I am so excited to dedicate my all to the love that my husband and I created together.

Thank you for reading my first blog post and here is a little extra.


I opened this fortune on March 13th of this year. I wasn’t pregnant then and thought it was too late to have a Capricorn baby. At the first OB appointment, my doctor told me that the baby’s estimated due date was 12/29/2016. And surprise, if he comes out to this world at that estimated time, he will sure be that Capricorn that will bring us so much and more joyful holiday season. 🙂


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